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Anticipation of a Disappearance

Video-installation / 12 channel videos displayed on sanded Plexiglas screens 1m20cm x 70 cm. 9 min loop.

Chicago, 2007

In May 2008, the iconic Chicago Mercantile Exchange “ the Merc” (a Market of Futures), which operated in a century-old system of open-outcry trading, closed and begin operating only by computer. The reason: to adapt to the time and more profitability. Anticipation of a disappearance was completed in December of 2007, as an attempt to memorialize the end of a language. In this case, the loss of its specific sign language and its inherent human interaction. In the world indigenous languages die at high speed, being global economy one of its causes, contradictingly the Merc’s language was dying out of the same logic their own “speakers” defend, the market rules.

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Nadia is the co-founcer of The Windor, an artist run space which promotes multidisciplinary art and experimentation.

Laaventura is the audiovisual production company, created by Laila and Nadia Hotait with the goal of working in film, video-art and documentary with other producers, distributors and creative people.

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