In making my work I use video, found footage, and photography to deal with events in contemporary history, emphasizing and prioritizing the experience of individuals above the accepted historical narrative. I believe that the lives of anonymous individuals are the catalyst and the driving force from which history is made.

I approach my themes using settings from everyday life and a sense of humor, in an attempt to transform and confront the ruling idea of reality, which is fraught with deadly seriousness, by using the banality of the ordinary and the poetry that goes with it.

After receiving a BA in audiovisual studies from Complutense University Madrid and Waseda University in Tokyo, Nadia completed a MFA in Film, Video, and New Media at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a full scholarship from La Caixa foundation, and graduated with the Louise Raymond fellowship. She was also the recipient of the Mohamed Farsi fellowship to study the Master in Audiovisual Management (MEGA) at the Media Business School.

Nadia had her first large exhibition at the University of Illinois University Galleries in 2011, and later on at the Numismático Museum of México City in 2016. She has also participated in different exhibitions in venues such as: Arsenale (Venice), Biennial of Young Art of Moscow (Russia), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), LABoral (Gijon), Digital Marrakech (Morocco), Zolla Lieberman Gallery (Chicago),  Plataforma Revolver (Lisbon), Isabel Ignacio Gallery (Saville)….

She has received art awards for the production and exhibition of her video-installation, including:  Generaciones,  Circuitos, Injuve  Anna Louise Raymond Fellowship, Arte Laguna Prize –artist in Gallery, etc She is also the recipient of the following grants: Comunidad de Madrid grant for Artist Residency abroad, Mohamed Farsi Foundation fellowship, Marion Parry ‘The world less traveled’ grant, La Caixa Foundation Fellowship for postgraduate studies in USA, and International Complutense University Grant to study in Japan.

Nadia has taught workshops and courses on video art and production, as well as been an invited guest speaker in: Museo de las Culturas (Mexico), Illinois State University (EEUU), La Casa Encendida, Intermediae (Madrid), Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), the National Museum of Mexican Art (Chicago) and Street-Level Youth Media (Chicago) and for the Misk Foundation in Abu Dhabi y Bahrein.

Nadia cofounded with Laila Hotait LAAVENTURA, where she produces documentaries and films, which have been screened in many film festivals, and broadcast channels including BBC Arabic, Documania, and online curated platform Mubi.

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Nadia is the co-founcer of The Windor, an artist run space which promotes multidisciplinary art and experimentation.

Laaventura is the audiovisual production company, created by Laila and Nadia Hotait with the goal of working in film, video-art and documentary with other producers, distributors and creative people.

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