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The connivance of Watching Birds

Beirut, 2011

Video-installation / 4 channel videos 12min loop

Collaboration with Laila Hotait Salas

‘The Connivance of Watching Birds’ while I did the Art direction for the film ‘The Crayons of Askalan’, directed by Laila Hotait in Lebanon and Syria, with Palestinian actors from refugee camps in Lebanon. The video-installation explores how being there to tell the story of other shapes our own history. Allowing elements of the film, like the costumes, the locations, and the durations, to have a different life outside of their original representational uses. The Connivance of Watching Birds is an allegorical exploration of “limbo”: the time of waiting, through the eyes of Palestinians in prison and the parallel life of Palestinians in a refugee camp.

This video-installation was awarded the Production Grant of Injuve for Emerging Artists.