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Video-Instalación / Una proyección de 81 videos de segmentos de ultrasonidos de bebes proyectados en recipientes de tela.

10 min video-loop

Installation view at Sullivan

A knowledge that we inherit before we are born, a knowledge that is not written down in books, because it is not official. A knowledge which storage recipient is the “person”.

This family history that come with us, not only because of the physical appearance that the same family members share but also because of the stories and secrets that are transmitted generation after generation. Things that are difficult to understand, that are not clearly explained…

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Nadia is the co-founcer of The Windor, an artist run space which promotes multidisciplinary art and experimentation.

Laaventura is the audiovisual production company, created by Laila and Nadia Hotait with the goal of working in film, video-art and documentary with other producers, distributors and creative people.

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