From this world to the next one

Postcards and figures, displayed in 2 glass cases.

“The stage produced by the political articulation is the stage of History” (…)

“A ritual approach is a historical approach. The ritual is simply the representation of the past”.

Love’s Body, Norman O. Brown.

I made this project in dialogue to my installation You are Here for a Reason, but working a very different scale, intead of staging an installation that played with the architecture of the space, I worked in a much smaller and improvised stages.

I worked with postcards that I bought in Madrid’s flea market, mostly from the seventies and eighties, cutting out them, and leaving open another possible space, within the limited margins of image.

The postcards, that have been stamped, sent, etc., contained the most ordinary conversations about the places that they reflect, as a result of its obvious non private state. They serve as a sign for that time-space, taking on a generic, but endering banality and history of our ordinary lives. I was interested in tracing them through their image, and not following the written text. We are all capable of closing that blind space, but how much is there to discover?

Suddenly, these very minimal landscapes of postcards and object took on that shape of that historic stage of us.