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The South is Back

2008 | 00:52:00 | Lebanon / Italy| Arabic/ English | Color | Mono | 4:3 |

Installation views at La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Installation views at La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Installation views at La Casa Encendida, Madrid

A journey across Southern Lebanon and its people; a people that has endured endless bombardments, imprisonment, and invasions.

The South is Back is multi-portrait of the South of Lebanon one year after the 2006 attacks of massive destruction. We, self-consciously engage the viewer from a personal point of view, focusing on the popular resistance to the Israeli occupation, as well as conceptions of «the land» and loss, and the inner and outer processes of reconstruction.



Production: Rosellini Films and Vox Populi
Directors: Laila and Nadia Hotait
Film Editor: Karla de la Peña Arcos
Camera: Rachid Azzo

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Nadia is the co-founcer of The Windor, an artist run space which promotes multidisciplinary art and experimentation.

Laaventura is the audiovisual production company, created by Laila and Nadia Hotait with the goal of working in film, video-art and documentary with other producers, distributors and creative people.

High noon in eternity      |      The air is heavier than a horse
Wekalet nehna      |      From this world to the next one
You are here for a reason      |      The night between Ali and I
A glance and I thought it was a greeting      |      La chose
commence ici      |      Flying fence      |      Preferring the fleeting
happiness on earth      |      Half broken hearted half in love
The connivance of watching Birds      |      You know who I am
Oum in three movements      |      Besides the sea      |      Friction
58 Degrees      |      Anticipation of a disappearance
Inheritance      |      The south is back