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The air is heavier than horse

Mexico /2016 Video-installation / loop

The Air is heavier than a horse reflects on how flight (migration) “returns”, like a boomerang, as the birds migrating north to south. Using the cut out images of wings from 25 different bird species, a new bird is constructed, that through its multiplicity of parts becomes not one bird but many. The flight, as migration, “returns” like a boomerang. There is an eternal return, through a recurrence that is progressive and not just cyclical.

High noon in eternity      |      The air is heavier than a horse
Wekalet nehna      |      From this world to the next one
You are here for a reason      |      The night between Ali and I
A glance and I thought it was a greeting      |      La chose
commence ici      |      Flying fence      |      Preferring the fleeting
happiness on earth      |      Half broken hearted half in love
The connivance of watching Birds      |      You know who I am
Oum in three movements      |      Besides the sea      |      Friction
58 Degrees      |      Anticipation of a disappearance
Inheritance      |      The south is back