It Begins here

Sound Piece

2014 | 00:06:55 | Arabic –Daariya-

In collaboration with Susana Moliner.

“La chose commence ici” is a collection of conversations from different Moroccan films, where lovers arrange to meet, flirt, argue or face the difficulties of being in love.

Against the background sound of Marrakech streets we pick into these intimate talks, suggesting that these conversations take place here. “Here” inside the taxi.

We are interested in highlighting how intimacy becomes a public affair, so as to continue the discussion regarding how private life is regarded as a public matter in contemporary Moroccan society.

The dialogues in this sound piece belong to the following films:

Casablanca By Night, Mostapha Derkaoui.
Le jour du forain, Driss Kettani et Mohamed Abdelkrim Derkaoui.
Aouchtam,  Mohamed Ismael.
Jugement d’une femme, Hassan Benjelloun.
Et après? Mohamed Ismail.
Le temps des camarades, Mohamed Chrif Tribak.
Marock, Laïla Marrackchi.
Ali, Rabiaa et les autres, Ahmed Boulane.
Amours voilés, Aziz Salmi.
Un amour à Casablanca, Abdelkader Lagtaâ.
Casablanca, Casablanca Rida Lamrini.
Mille mois, Faouzi Bensaïdi.
Le jeu de l’amour, Driss Chouika

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High noon in eternity      |      The air is heavier than a horse
Wekalet nehna      |      From this world to the next one
You are here for a reason      |      The night between Ali and I
A glance and I thought it was a greeting      |      La chose
commence ici      |      Flying fence      |      Preferring the fleeting
happiness on earth      |      Half broken hearted half in love
The connivance of watching Birds      |      You know who I am
Oum in three movements      |      Besides the sea      |      Friction
58 Degrees      |      Anticipation of a disappearance
Inheritance      |      The south is back